Salmon Trolling Trips to the Sea

Fishing trips on the Baltic Sea. Trolling for sea salmon is a very close fishing form to us. The main season in Finnish waters is from mid-May until Midsummer. We also fish almost every spring in the waters of the southern Baltic Sea, near Denmark’s Bornholm, where the fishing season starts in March-April, and the catch certainty is excellent. In Bornholm, we have also participated in the Trolling Masters Bornholm competition several times, which is the world’s largest Atlantic salmon fishing competition with 420 participating boats. We have even achieved success up to the podium in that competition.

If you want to experience a real fishing adrenaline rush, join me in trolling for big sea salmon; those strikes are unforgettable. Salmon trolling trips are usually tailored for at least several days and can be conducted in Pori, the Åland Islands, the Gulf of Finland, or the southern Baltic Sea, according to the season. For salmon trolling trips, we use the Axopar 28 Cabin boat, designed for open sea conditions and offering comfortable and safe rides even in rough weather. In salmon trolling, we use our homemade Jackpot bait rigs and claim that bait fishing is the most effective method of salmon trolling. We have also provided comprehensive training in trolling with natural bait for salmon, both in lakes and at sea.

The price for fishing trips on the Baltic Sea is a sum of many factors, so pricing is done case-by-case, according to the fishing area, group size, and duration. For more information, please ask.