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A fishing trip is an excellent gift idea and also perfectly suits corporate meetings, staff gatherings, or client meetings. We offer you modern, versatile, and high-quality fishing equipment, clean and fish-rich waters, as well as the services of an experienced and professional fishing guide.

If you’re interested in developing your skills, whether it’s traditional spinning, fascinating jigging, modern precision fishing with live sonar, or effective trolling, you don’t have to learn everything on your own. We’ve spent decades and caught thousands of fish to learn these techniques for you and are happy to share all our learned methods.

By using a professional, you can learn in moments what might otherwise take years to study on your own. This way, you save time and money while gaining new, effective fishing methods most easily. For more information, please contact us by phone or email.

Mika Kärkkäinen

Tel: +358 400 907 234

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